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  We welcome all the curious to our website. No, you are not lost: you are on the site of a small animation studio.
  The daily routine is such: the head of the studio – Yuri Norshteyn – slaps his staff upside the head and makes sure the individual and rebellious are put in the corner facing a wall, so they won’t make trouble…
  When the studio isn’t engaging in these very useful exercises, its entirety drinks to your health. If there is any time left after all this is done, then they film movies, meet with the viewers, colleagues and friends, organize exhibitions, write books and basically don’t let the tree of Russian animation wither and die.

24.05.2015: Our New eBay Store

Dear friends!

You are very welcome to visit our new Norstein & Yarbusova Collection Store on eBay. Now anyone outside of Russia can obtain our books (available in English and Russian), mugs, high quality prints, etc., directly from us.

Norstein & Yarbusova Collection Store

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03.11.2010: You can buy our books outside Russia.
  Attention! The opportunity to obtain our books outside Russia is here! Available in Russian and English. Ships from California, USA. Click here...

  Contact us if you have any questions.

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14.12.2009: The books "Hedgehog in the Fog" and "Fox and Hare" have been released

  The new books of The Fund Hedgehog in the Fog and Fox and Hare have been released. Both books are hardcover, with quality colored prints.


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  Greetings! We are pleased to announce that you have the opportunity to obtain our children's books (available in English and Russian) from our American partners. Ships from California, USA.

 Просим вашего внимания! Вы можете напрямую заказать наши детские книги (на английском и русском языках) за рубежом у наших партнёров в США с рассылкой по всему миру из Калифорнии.

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