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The Fox and the Hare - Лиса и Заяц
  This simple story is about the insidious Fox who takes over the Little Hare's house. Who is going to help the poor Hare?
Hedgehog in the fog - Ёжик в тумане
  This book is about the adventures of a philosophical little Hedgehog on his way to meet with his friend Bear.
Mishmash - Путаница
  Mishmash is the poem for little children about a funny mix-up that happened among the animals.
Snow on grass - Снег на траве
by Yuri Norstein
Language: Russian
Hardcover: 624 pages, 2 Volume Set
Publisher: Yuri Norstein Foundation (2008)
The author-signed book copy!

The book Snow on Grass is composed of lectures about the art of animation, read at various times in the city of Moscow, at the lectures for upper-division screenwriters and directors, and in Tokyo, Japan at animation classes. 

Yuri Norstein and Tale of Tales: An Animator's Journey 
by Clare Kitson
Language: English
Paperback: 148 pages
Publisher: John Libbey Publishing (2005)
This book is signed by Y. Norstein!

 "Clare Kitson has written an exemplary book... The tale she tells sheds light on the origins and makings of the images, on their relation to Norstein's life and to Russian culture, to other works of art (poems and paintings) and to the troubled culture of censorship. She illuminates, and deepens the mystery, leaving the power of the images intact and strengthened, which is what good criticism should do." —A.S. Byatt, The Guardian (U.K.)

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